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Intelligent Buildings

What is an Intelligent Building?  

An intelligent building installation from idea will include any number but not necessarily all of the following systems; home lighting control, heating and ventilation controlhome audio, home cinema, security systems including intruder alarms, CCTV and access control systems.  These systems will be designed and installed in such a way that they integrate with each other and become one system working in harmony rather than many smaller independent systems.  At idea, our systems are planned and designed with you in mind.  After a free consultation we will plan and design a bespoke system designed specifically to meet your needs and requirements.    


Why would I benefit from an Intelligent Building?

In today's modern world technology has become something that we rely on more and more. Take the modern car for instance, we now expect such things as electric windows, climate control and central locking; yet when it comes to our homes, often they seem to have been left behind.  With a custom install from idea you can now take control of your home or even let it take control of itself.  Have a look at each of the systems and see how you could benefit.