Nowadays we are able to set different temperatures in each side of our cars and yet in many homes only one temperature can be set for the whole home whether rooms are occupied or not.  With a heating control system from idea, temperatures can be controlled on a room by room basis which can bring about huge energy savings. A recent study by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) shows that over 60% of home energy used is for heating. With a heating control system, savings in excess of 30% can be made.

How can I save money on heating?

There are two main areas where energy is wasted in the domestic heating:

Temperature Control

Room Control


If you have a ventilation or air conditioning system, this too can be controlled.  By using the same keypad in a room the system will decide whether heating, cooling or ventilation is required to achieve the required temperature.  In more advanced systems the humidity of the room can also be controlled on a room by room basis.

Follow the link to see some of the ranges of switches and temperature controllers from different manufacturers.