Most traditional heatings systems have one thermostat for the entire home and therefore heat the entire house to the desired temerature even when rooms are not in use. With an idea heating control system, temeperatures are controlled on a room by room basis and by linking with other systems such as the intruder alarm, significant energy savings can be made.

Example One - Vacant rooms
By connecting to the intuder alarm system, it can be determined which rooms are in use, these rooms will be heated, while maintaining standby temperatures in unoccupied rooms. Studies show that even by reducing the temerature of a room by one degree, significant savings can be made.

Example Two - Leaving the House of Going to Bed
If you leave the house, or go to bed the temperature in every room can be reduced by four or five degrees by just a single button press, or simply when the intruder alarm is set. Normal temperatures can be quickly resumed on you return or in the morning.

Example Three - Opening Windows
If a window in a room is opened, the heating in that room can be turned off completely until the window is closed.